Rudolf Eucken: Philosophicus Teutonicus

[:en]Rudolf Eucken - Die Träger des Deutschen IdealismusOn Christmas 1915, with the war firmly entrenched in deadlock and the August enthusiasm of 1914 a bittersweet memory, with an ever-increasing defensive posture of German intellectuals towards Allied accusations of “barbarianism,” Rudolf Eucken published a popular presentation of German thought, Die Träger des Deutschen Idealismus. At the outbreak of the war in 1914, Eucken was arguably the most internationally recognized living German philosopher: he had received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1908; he had toured the United States in 1913 as visiting professor at Harvard University; he met Henri Bergson at Columbia University; most of his works had been translated into English and French. In August 1914, Eucken became one of the most vocal supporters of the German war-effort and a leading figure in the spiritual mobilization of German intellectuals.

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