Daniel Leufer


Daniel Leufer is a doctoral researcher on the ERC project GRAPH (The Great War and Philosophy) at the Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven. His PhD project is an investigation of Jan Patočka's philosophy of history within the context of the First World War. His main research interests are Jan Patočka, political phenomenology, existentialism, philosophy in Weimar Germany, and the First World War.


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The wound which will not close: Jan Patočka's philosophy and the conditions of politicization

2017 - Studies in East European Thought 69 (1), pp.29-44

The dark night of the care for the soul: Politics and despair in Jan Patočka’s sixth heretical essay

2016 - in: Meacham Darian, Tava Francesco (ed), Thinking after Europe: Jan Patočka and politics , London, Rowman & Littlefield, pp.NA.