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ISBN 978-3-319-72507-9

Theory and History in the Human and Social Sciences

Memories of Gustav Ichheiser

life and work of an exiled social scientist

Edited by

Amrei Joerchel, Gerhard Benetka

The aim of this book is to discuss, on an international level, the importance of Ichheiser's theoretical approaches in his time and their relevance in today's context of social and cultural psychology. In addition, the tragic course of Ichheiser's biography, an example for many displaced scientists, highlights the importance of bringing a scientist's work back into the focus of today's current social scientific setting.

Memories of Gustav Ichheiser will be of interest to researchers as well as undergraduate and graduate students inthe fields of psychology, social psychology, sociology, and psychiatry.

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Joerchel, A. , Benetka, G. (eds) (2018). Memories of Gustav Ichheiser: life and work of an exiled social scientist, Springer, Dordrecht.

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