Springer, Dordrecht


498, xiv Pages

ISBN 9789400752122

Contributions to Phenomenology
vol. 66

Husserl's Ideen

Edited by

Lester Embree, Thomas Nenon

This collection of more than two dozen essays by philosophy scholars of international repute traces the profound impact exerted by Husserl’s Meisterwerk, known in its shortened title as Ideen, whose first book was released in 1913. Published to coincide with the centenary of its original appearance, and fifty years after the second book went to print in 1952, the contributors offer a comprehensive array of perspectives on the ways in which Husserl’s concept of phenomenology influenced leading figures and movementsof the last century, including, among others, Ortega y Gassett, Edith Stein, Martin Heidegger, Aron Gurwitsch, Ludwig Landgrebe, Dorion Cairns, Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Jacques Derrida and Giles Deleuze.

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Full citation:

Embree, L. , Nenon, T. (eds) (2013). Husserl's Ideen, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

José Ortega y Gasset and human rights

Díaz Álvarez Jesús


Edith Stein and autism

Haney Kathleen


The "Ideen" and Neo-kantianism

Staiti Andrea


The Spanish-speaking world and José Vasconcelos

Zirión Quijano Antonio


Jan Patočka and built space

Dodd James


Husserl's "Ideen" in the Portuguese speaking community

Alves Pedro, Morujão Carlos


Simone de Beauvoir and life

Björk Ulrika


"Ideen I" confronting its critics

Rizo-Patrón De Lerner Rosemary


Jacques Derrida and the future

Cisney Vernon


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